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This Brand is Your Brand, This Brand is My Brand

With the rise of Twitter and Facebook, marketing isn't just about email anymore. It's true: email is still the king (see last week's blog for the full email manifesto) but the Marketing Kingdom also has its princes (Facebook), dukes (Twitter), earls (LinkedIn), and knights (Google+). And with all these smaller guys running around the Marketing […]

Curious Truths About Holiday Giving: Men Procrastinate

With just 12 Official Days left of Christmas, the countdown has begun. While preparing for the typical 9 Ladies Dancing, 3 French Hens, and a Partridge in a Pear Tree, our friends over at Uncommon goods decided to look deeper and analyze how people shop during the holiday season. They took their own shopper data, coupled with […]

WePay Discovers Occupy Wall Street Insights with Rapleaf [Infographic]

Our friends over at WePay used Rapleaf data to break down and analyze the demographics of #OccupyWallStreet donors to display in the infographic below. Some interesting stats! What surprises you most about their findings? About WePay: WePay takes the pain out of the payments, enabling non-profits, small business, clubs, organizations and individuals to sell items, tickets, accept […]

How Mirapost Uses Rapleaf to Boost Clickthrough Rates by Up to 35%

A few weeks ago we announced our first round winners for the Rapleaf Personalization Fund, a fund created to donate cash and data grants to various startups with a strong focus on data and personalization. One of the featured winners, Mirapost, recently ran an email campaign with a client analyzing the effects of the Rapleaf integration, […]

Do Men and Women Shop Online Differently? [Infographic]

Anyone who has ever stepped foot into a mall can tell you that men and women shop differently. When it comes to what we buy, how we buy and why we buy it, most believe there is a gender divide. But what about when it comes to online shopping? Our friends over at, wondered this very […]

What's Cooking in the Silicon Valley?

Every individual has a set of preferences, likes, and dislikes that translates to different shopping behaviors. Coupons, advertisements and marketing messages, however, are not always personalized and tailored to these preferences.   So how can the world of online marketing become a more relevant place?  One answer is through the delivery of opt-in customized email […]

What's in a Name? [INFOGRAPHIC]

A first name could tell us a lot about someone. Whether you're brainstorming baby names or have always wondered why you had to be the III "John Jacob", we thought it would be interesting to look at certain demographics and see what insights and other interesting facts we could find about our first names. We […]

Miami Heat's Three Kings on Twitter [INFOGRAPHIC]

The Miami Heat are one of the most anticipated NBA teams to watch this upcoming season, thanks to its star trio of Chris Bosh, Dwyane Wade, and LeBron James. These players also happen to be some of the most popular celebrities on Twitter. Who are their followers and what do they look like? Click on […]

USA World Cup Fans on Twitter [INFOGRAPHIC]

From June 11 to July 11, World Cup mania consumed the hearts, minds, and TV screens of billions of soccer fans across the world. Given how popular Twitter has been as a communication platform for World Cup fans, we thought it would be interesting to study U.S. fans on Twitter and see how they compared to Twitter users […]

Social Insight Into AOL, Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo Email Users – Part 3: Social Network memberships

In this last study of our email analysis series, we looked at social network memberships of 120,000 AOL, Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo users to gauge where they spend time online. We found that AOL and Gmail users tend to favor Facebook, while Hotmail and Yahoo users tend to use Facebook and MySpace equally. Twitter is […]