How Businesses are Using Rapleaf

1. Gaining social insight + socializing CRM databases

The first step towards better marketing is a better understanding of your customers, and companies are using Rapleaf to discover the "Four Ws" of their audience in order to personalize interactions and socializing CRM systems:

  • Who: demographics, occupation, location and more
  • What: interests, brand affinities, lifestyles, and influence
  • Where: social sites used and online hangouts
  • With Whom: friends and associates

2. Segmenting communication and offers

No one likes receiving information that’s irrelevant to them, especially in the inbox. To avoid “spamming” customers, consider building more details segments of customers based on social media memberships, demographics, and influence, as well as purchasing behavior and other information based on your interactions.

One client was able to achieve an email open rate and click-through rate of 68% and 35%, respectively, just by sending a Twitter-related email to only customers who used Twitter!

3. Growing social media presence (faster, more effectively)

It’s now clear that social media is not a fad and that companies lose out by not having a presence online. By tying in email marketing along with social insights from Rapleaf, you should be able to boost your online fan base very quickly.

4. Identifying the most influential customers for word-of-mouth marketing

In a time where people trust other consumers more than they trust brands, knowing who your most influential customers are has never been more important. After identifying them, be sure to take good care of them with brand loyalty programs, special offers, and VIP treatment.

5. Setting up customer service flags for influencers

To avoid an online PR crises and to facilitate more positive word-of-mouth marketing, make sure to flag your influencers in your CRM system so that everyone – from marketing to customer service – knows that they need to make the best impression possible.

Just ask Southwest Airlines – a passenger they kicked off for being overweight was actually an actor with over 1.5 million followers online, and he made sure that all of them knew about his negative experience multiple times.

6. Growing customer base by comparing customers vs. prospects

One way to increase the conversions of prospects to customers is understand the social behavior of your customers and to see how they differ from your prospects. Are they based near metropolitan areas? Do most of them belong to certain demographics, or use certain social media sites? Once you know who your customers are and what they look like, you can go look for more people like them.

A major online university we worked with studied the difference between enrolled and prospective students and found that prospective students were 400% more likely to enroll if they had a friend who was already enrolled.

Want to try Rapleaf for yourself?

You can experiment with our API for free (for up to 1,000 queries per month).


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