Rapleaf $10,007 Bailout Plans

Here at Rapleaf, we are mindful citizens who try to do our part to help the economy. There are two key components to this: not only are we hiring (and have several positions open), but we are also offering awards for hired referrals. Perhaps a sampling of Rapleaf email signatures would better illustrate our rescue plan:

  • We're hiring amazing engineers and a star PM... refer a friend and get fully paid trip to Hawaii for two.
  • We're looking for a product manager and software engineers...$10,007 referral award
  • We're looking for software engineers. We offer a $10,007 referral award.
  • The Rapleaf Bailout Plan - Send a qualified referral and we will award you with $10,007 bailout package if we hire that person.

Please check out www.rapleaf.com/careers for all of our open positions. Interested or know anybody who would be a good fit? We'd love to hear from you (and share our bailout package).

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