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This Brand is Your Brand, This Brand is My Brand

With the rise of Twitter and Facebook, marketing isn't just about email anymore. It's true: email is still the king (see last week's blog for the full email manifesto) but the Marketing Kingdom also has its princes (Facebook), dukes (Twitter), earls (LinkedIn), and knights (Google+). And with all these smaller guys running around the Marketing […]

Social Media and Email Marketing Walk into a Bar

A lot of people see social media and email marketing as if they’re enemies, as if social media is some fresh-faced bandit who just rode into town and challenged Sheriff Email to a duel. “This town ain’t big enough for the both of us,” the bandit tweets. And before you can even hit ‘like,’ the […]

Rapleaf Study: Most Common First, Last, and Full Names on Facebook

Facebook is not only one of the largest communities online, it’s also one of the most cosmopolitan.  Wouldn’t it be interesting to see what the most common names are on a social network with such vast reach?  We thought so too, so one of our engineers spent a few hours during “Hackleaf” – our choose-your-own-project-for-a-day […]

Rapleaf, Social Graph Research, and Online Friendships in Latest BusinessWeek

Rapleaf was mentioned in yesterday’s BusinessWeek article discussing the resources companies are pouring  into studying the social graph as they begin to recognize the value of online friendships. Just a few years ago, the primary business value of friends was for our personal use, including identifying new business opportunities, getting introduced to potential clients, and […]

Rapleaf Study on Social Network Users: Sports fans are friendly and women love hockey

A recent study on 2.8 million basketball, baseball, and hockey fans across social network offered some insight on demographic differences between fans online.  For example, despite being fewer in number, hockey fans tend to be the most gender-balanced and also the best-connected. Here are some highlights from the study: Women fans have the largest presence […]

Rapleaf, Sun Microsystems Host First Social Graph Symposium to Explore Applications of Social Graph

Yesterday, Rapleaf and Sun Microsystems sponsored the first symposium dedicated to exploring the social graph and its impact on future businesses and consumers. Over one hundred of the top thought leaders, executives, and experts on the social graph attended the all-day event at Sun Microsystem's Menlo Park campus to discuss research on the social graph […]

Rapleaf Study on Social Network Users in Swing States: Myspace is the melting pot of social networks, Hi5 is favored in New Mexico

Rapleaf recently-published a study analyzing social network usage of over 9 million users in 13 swing states. Results of the study revealed discrepancies in demographic and social network preferences between the states' online citizens. The following are some of the study's key findings: Top social networks with significant presence in the swing states are Myspace […]