Privacy FAQs

We believe in the power of transparency, choice, and control when it comes to personal information online. We view privacy and security as fundamental design requirements in our technologies and services and a foundation to our business practices and operations. We want to help our clients, partners and consumers understand how Rapleaf works, as well as the measures we have taken to protect your individual privacy.

How does Rapleaf obtain its data?

Rapleaf matches demographic information to emails and stores it in the "Rapleaf Database." For a detailed description, please refer to Under the hood.

How does Rapleaf protect the privacy of data during collection?

We use industry standard technology, including encryption to protect the privacy of the data we share necessary to collection.

To be perfectly clear how serious we are about protecting the privacy of that information, we have pledged to never sell, rent, lease, or reveal email addresses either received confidentially from our clients or independently collected by our systems.

Will Rapleaf contact my customers directly?

We will never send unsolicited email or spam based on an address you give us.

How does Rapleaf protect privacy and ensure security?

Protecting privacy is our top priority at Rapleaf. We comply with all applicable privacy laws and regulations about managing our database. We use industry standard security measures to make sure the information in our databases is secure. And we align our privacy policies and practices with our business customers.

How does Rapleaf give consumers transparency, notice and choice?

We believe that transparency and user choice are essential to user privacy on the internet. If you'd prefer not to take part, you can opt out of the Rapleaf database at any time.

Our top priorities are for businesses to be confident that the information they provide to us will never be used for any purpose except to improve their customer relationships and for Internet users to understand that we only collect publicly available information and that they can opt-out at any time.

If you have any questions, please contact us at