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4 Easy Ways to Personalize Your Emails with Rapleaf

Recently, a top-5 Internet Retailer approached Rapleaf because they were struggling to make their email marketing more relevant. Using our data to tailor content, special offers, and gender-specific subject lines, the e-tail company saw some pretty crazy improvements in their email campaigns. Open and click-through rates increased by 30%. Earnings per user shot up 14% […]

8 Quick Tips to Help Your Content Marketing Efforts Succeed

Putting together an email marketing campaign and hitting inboxes is no longer enough, and it hasn’t been for quite some time. Today, consumers are much more cautious and selective with their spending dollars and are significantly less loyal to any one brand. As a result, marketing strategies have shifted to rely on interactive marketing solutions […]

When and How Often You Should Email Your List

The following is a guest post is written by Lior Levin:  E-mail marketing is a key way to directly connect with customers who have given you permission to send them offers, promotions, and product information on a regular basis. This level of customer interest makes e-mail marketing campaigns critically important, and therefore the timing of these […]

How to Master the Art of Content Marketing - 5 Keys to Success

As our inbox gets flooded with more and more emails daily, it's becoming increasingly important as marketers that we develop relevant content that our email subscribers will want to open and read. As technology, business, and consumer behaviors change, email marketing must also evolve to meet new challenges and take advantage of new opportunities. Content marketing […]

10 Email Marketing Checks and Balances

The debate continues but over the last several years email still remains one of the most preferred marketing tools and communication channels for marketers today. While Email marketing techniques and best practices have evolved and every marketing program has different goals and metrics they work towards, there are still those core practices every team should work into […]

The State of Email Marketing [Infographic]

A few surprising statistics about email marketing today: 83% of people check email first on a business day 72% check 6 or more times per day (I’m well about this, no doubt) 88% of people surveyed check their email via a mobile device What surprises you most?   Thanks to Social Times and our friends […]

The Evolution of Email Marketing & Social CRM

Smart email marketers know that leveraging customer data is the key to creating relevant and effective email marketing campaigns. Tying into customer databases allows marketers to segment emails to consumers based on key demographic and preference data. And people are even taking it a step further and integrating with e-commerce systems and/or web analytics data to […]

Want Better Email Marketing Results? It's in the Data!

It’s fair to assume that customers opt in to receiving emails from your business because they’re interested in staying in touch and being kept up to date with news, specials, or promotions. However, with inboxes becoming more and more cluttered, it's critical now to focus on targeting your emails to a tailored audience in order to limit […]

The A, B & Cs of Email Marketing in 2012

The following is a guest post from Johnathan Conlon, an Email Operations Manager at one of the world’s largest publishing houses in London. As 2011 starts to become a fading memory, I could reflect on a year filled with talk of social, mocial and all the other buzzwords we threw around last year as the […]

9 Email-Related Companies To Watch In 2012

Based off their Email Marketing Summit, which occurred in early December of 2011, Media Post compiled a great list of Email-Related companies to watch for this upcoming year. While we are thrilled to make the list ourselves, be sure to check out the other cool companies on the rise for 2012! The following companies (including yours truly) offer […]