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4 Easy Ways to Personalize Your Emails with Rapleaf

Recently, a top-5 Internet Retailer approached Rapleaf because they were struggling to make their email marketing more relevant. Using our data to tailor content, special offers, and gender-specific subject lines, the e-tail company saw some pretty crazy improvements in their email campaigns. Open and click-through rates increased by 30%. Earnings per user shot up 14% […]

Target Your Facebook Ads with Rapleaf Data

The following is a guest post by Ryan Pitylak, CEO at Unique Influence. As social media marketing gains momentum (and legitimacy), Facebook is emerging as one of the most powerful tools for online marketers. Just this year, 82% of SMBs reported using Facebook in their marketing strategy. So what is the key to getting the most […]

This Brand is Your Brand, This Brand is My Brand

With the rise of Twitter and Facebook, marketing isn't just about email anymore. It's true: email is still the king (see last week's blog for the full email manifesto) but the Marketing Kingdom also has its princes (Facebook), dukes (Twitter), earls (LinkedIn), and knights (Google+). And with all these smaller guys running around the Marketing […]

Customer-Centricity Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

Last week was all about the cold, hard facts behind email personalization. Metrics, percentages and info-graphics all agree: personalized emails work and people like them. But this week is all about the WHY. Why do people value personalized emails? Why are open rates 30% higher for personalized emails? Why does even the lightest touch of personalization (a […]

The Facts Don't Lie about Email Personalization

At Rapleaf, we love data and we love email personalization, so it only makes sense that we love data-driven email personalization too. We’d marry it if we could. But this week’s blog post isn’t about warm, fuzzy emotions. It’s about the cold, hard facts, and the facts are all saying one thing: email personalization is […]

2012 Personalization Summit Recap

Rapleaf and LiveRamp hosted the Personalization Summit last Thursday, which brought forth interesting discussion and some necessary debate on why personalization is happening today. The Summit aimed to explore the benefits and implications of personalization, privacy, customer segmentation and more with major thought leaders in the space. The Summit kicked off with America's favorite pastime cheering on the Giants at […]

Personalization vs. Customization

People often use the words personalization and customization interchangeably. But there is a subtle difference between the two that can have a great impact on our lives. Customization is explicitly stating your interests and preferences with whom you are interacting, from the barrista at Starbucks to your favorite web app to your favorite music service. […]

Want Better Email Marketing Results? It's in the Data!

It’s fair to assume that customers opt in to receiving emails from your business because they’re interested in staying in touch and being kept up to date with news, specials, or promotions. However, with inboxes becoming more and more cluttered, it's critical now to focus on targeting your emails to a tailored audience in order to limit […]

The History of Email, from Then to Now.

It's certainly come a long way! Data from, 2010

The Next Level of Personalized Shopping

The following is a post written by Erik Severinghaus, Founder & CEO over at KoalaDeal. KoalaDeal integrated with Rapleaf and has been using our data to build analysis and correlations associated with online shopping habits. Check out what they have been up to: A few weeks ago, Rapleaf was kind enough to invite KoalaDeal to blog […]