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Recap from IRCE: Big Conference, Big Data

Last week, Rapleaf joined thousands of internet retailers and ecommerce partners at McCormick Place in Chicago for the 2013 International Retail Conference and Expo. While some people's highlights from the conference were probably Al Gore's keynote speech or the great Chicago deep dish pizza or even those snazzy socks the bus booth was giving away, […]

Don't Call It A Comeback

The following is a guest post by Scott Krauss, Director at LiveIntent. Don't call it a comeback, but email is sexy once again. We went through some tough times as marketers sought to find the next big thing, flocking to social networks. It was all about Social, Social, Social! And poor old email felt a […]

Customer-Centricity Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

Last week was all about the cold, hard facts behind email personalization. Metrics, percentages and info-graphics all agree: personalized emails work and people like them. But this week is all about the WHY. Why do people value personalized emails? Why are open rates 30% higher for personalized emails? Why does even the lightest touch of personalization (a […]

Dunk in the Dark

In the wake of the Super Bowl and the corresponding tweet by Oreo heard around the world mid-blackout - 'You can still dunk in the dark' - there’s been one hyphenated term on everyone’s lips: real-time. (If you're thinking 'Oreo, dunk in the dark, what?' Check out this article and then get back to reading this blog post.) Just […]

Social Media and Email Marketing Walk into a Bar

A lot of people see social media and email marketing as if they’re enemies, as if social media is some fresh-faced bandit who just rode into town and challenged Sheriff Email to a duel. “This town ain’t big enough for the both of us,” the bandit tweets. And before you can even hit ‘like,’ the […]

Recap from Marketing Sherpa: Always Bet on Data (And Black)

Last week, Rapleaf joined hundreds of other email companies and afficionados at the Paris Las Vegas Casino and Hotel for the Marketing Sherpa Email Summit. While outside, Lady Gaga impersonators dealt blackjack and Nebraskan tourists gazed down from the top of an Eiffel Tower only 51.6% as tall as the original, one conference hall (and […]

Data Means Business

Every day as you leave work and hungrily head for home, a major battle is fought in the war for big data and it happens right under your nose. Or rather, right at your fingertips. All day long you’ve been using your work computer, searching Google for leads and .gifs, and you’ve been making data. […]

Email Marketing On and Off the Field

Much has been said about big data and Super Bowl XLVII. Its data-driven ads were the some of the most personalized in history. Oreo used big data (and a big blackout) to score the most successful ad of the night for free. King of data himself Nate Silver finally made a faulty prediction. But what […]

Terminator 5: Rise of the Big Data

Three spaceships zoom by overhead. A cyborg blasts a hole through the wall. Out of the cloud of smoke walks Arnold Schwarzenegger, sunglasses on, shotgun in hand.   “I’ll be back,” he declares, “to customize my marketing message through automated data analytics.”  --- With the rise of big data in the news, bloggers and tech journalists […]

RIP: Fluff Marketing (send our regards to Don Draper)

We just got back from the Email Insider Summit in Park City Utah.  I know what you’re thinking, ‘sweet place for a boondoggle’.  You’re not wrong. Jokes aside, there’s something about mountain air that provides a top notch setting for reflection and discussion of things outside the day-to-day hustle. Erik (Founder of SimpleRelevance), Dan (Co-Founder […]