Long Live King Email

This morning, I went to Google and started to type.

email is

By this point, Google was already trying to finish my thought for me.

email issues
email is not working on iphone
email is dead

Hmm. Google thinks I want to search ‘email is dead.’ I’m intrigued. I hit enter.


2.5 billion results (1.6 million of which are direct quotes of the phrase) seem to think that email is dead.

So, is email dead? My response in a word, dear Google, is 'no.'


You know what IS dead?

This bird.










This betamax player.









This candy.









This box.








This soda.











This CD.











These pants.









What's still alive and kicking?

This man.










In fact, workers spend 28% of their time in their inbox. 144.8 billion emails are sent worldwide every day. The average person spends 11.2 hours a week reading their emails. US email marketing spend is projected to grow 10% every year through 2016. If every email account in the world were a penny and you stacked the pennies on top of each other, you’d have a penny tower 660 Mt. Everests tall.

In the time it took you to read this sentence, 20 million emails were written. 20 million Pepsi Blue’s were not sipped. 20 million Blockbuster videos were not rewound. Not even 20 million pairs of bell bottoms were being worn (unless the world’s largest Abba conference is today).

So, Google, next time I type in email is, I expect to see alive and kicking

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